Praise for Eleanor

Eleanor shows that one never knows what can happen when the reset button is pushed.

The Washington Post

An incredibly beautiful and inventive tale... Moving, powerful, and gripping...

Women's Weekly

Eleanor is deep—a really poignant, moving story that...sneaks up on you. Read it and weep.

Daniel H. Wilson, bestselling author of Robopocalypse

Jason Gurley will be a household name one day.

Hugh Howey, bestselling author of Wool

Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman... Enchanting, magical, and powerful. —Ernie Lindsey, bestselling author of Sara's Game

An uplifting though never sentimental story of hard-won redemption. —The Guardian

Evocative of Madeleine L'Engle, Eleanor is for grownups who miss the landscape of inner dreams. —Rachael Herron, author of The Ones Who Matter Most

A fantastic vision of twins and hidden dimensions of experience. —The Sydney Morning Herald

A virtuoso performance—Eleanor might just be the book of the year. —Russell Blake, bestselling author of Jet

(E)verything I love about literary fiction... You will not regret spending a day in Eleanor's world. —Beta Librarian

Gurley has crafted an appealing little puzzle... Read it for yourself. —Bookpage

(A)n ambitious book of many wonders... by turns otherworldly and heartbreakingly true. —Elizabeth Collison, author of Some Other Town

(A)n insightful, gritty portrait of a family in upheaval... authentically and sympathetically rendered. —The Roanoke Times

A highly unusual, yet beautiful read... Gurley's prose literally glimmers. —Leslie Lindsay

This deep and moving novel will keep you reading and wondering. —The Missourian

A smart, beautiful story... the kind of novel you can read over again and will want to recommend to others. —San Francisco Book Review

A powerful book for mature minds... Eleanor is a truly remarkable piece of fiction. —Starburst Magazine

Rarely does a book come along that crosses over genre lines as expertly as Eleanor. ... Jason Gurley's Eleanor should be the next book you pick up. —Portland Book Review

Gurley's novel exhibits some of the transcendent but hardnosed New Age mysticism of Paulo Coelho's work... (I)t does its job with micro-machined precision. —Locus

An ambitious novel that explores grief with elements of the fantastic... —Kirkus

Gurley writes pain, grief and regret so openly and realistically that every turn of the page is at once reluctant yet entirely necessary. It would be almost impossible to walk away from this haunting story before reaching the end. —The British Fantasy Society